Edible front yard gardens are growing in popularity and curb appeal as homeowners look to sustainable living and use of space that is both productive and beautiful. An edible garden surrounded by the right decorative fence can transform a front yard into an oasis of organic, fresh-picked produce.

What to Grow

Edible gardens interlaced with flowering plants and shrubs can create front yards of varying themes depending on the remaining elements such as decorative fencing, containers and beds created from rock, cement or various materials. While one front yard edible garden will portray an English cottage garden, another will render a windswept prairie or a tropical retreat. Choose your dream oasis and then create accordingly.

English Edible Garden

This garden exemplifies stone walls and picket fences. Look deeper into garden beds and you will see strawberries growing amidst Italian parsley, lemon verbena and marigolds. Vegetables and berries will be tucked among flowering plants and shrubs.

Windswept Grasses

For a feeling of windswept grasses, whether encompassing a sandy beach or an outer bank, choose edible herbs such as fennel, a perennial with licorice-flavored seeds. The plant’s fronds sway in the wind and can be complemented by sage, a Mediterranean herb that makes a great front-row ornamental. Lemongrass, a tropical herb with a heady scent, can make for a hardy, grassy appearance. Lavender and Echinacea purple coneflower are excellent neighboring herbs that also attract beneficial butterflies and insects. Bordering decorative fences in this type of garden might include a rugged, wind-blown fence line as you’d see in a prairie or a sturdy hardwood fence.

Tropical Retreat

Lush palms, birds of paradise and ferns rest between papayas, bananas and a passion vine. Hibiscus, a tropical, edible flowering plant is the centerpiece. Tropical retreats are lush oasis’s with bamboo or cherry wood decorative fencing, trickling water features and a taro plant and lily nestled in upon the water’s edge.

Plants to Consider

Think big and beautiful when you are choosing plants for your edible garden. Deep purple eggplants and giant globe artichokes are excellent choices. Rainbow chard is a beautiful rendition to any garden as well as an excellent source of phytonutrients and vitamins A, C and K. Edible flowers to consider are chives, dandelions, nasturtiums, and marigolds. Honeysuckle, chamomile and mint are close second favorites.

Other herbal favorites include lavender, salvia and verbena. Vegetables that can compliment ornamental foliage include lettuce, kale, Swiss chard and rhubarb. For privacy and greenery consider blueberry bushes peaking through a fence line. Not only do these edibles taste good, they attract birds and butterflies, pollinators and protectors.

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