New Trends in Outdoor Living

People love to enjoy outdoor living spaces at home, and there are many ways to improve your outdoor experiences. If you are thinking about making changes to your outdoor living space in 2017, check out these trends. The great news in Dallas is that we’ve had some perfect days for catching those Vitiman-D sunrays. So why not go all out and build an outdoor living space to keep you warm and not depressed?

Outdoor living spaces allow you to bask in the sun without need for a pool. You could enclose a certain portion of the patio to prevent those cold North winds from making their way in too.  And this might be something you could write off as a health benefit (please ask your CPA about that to find out for sure – I’ll be fact checking that on my own today).

More Natural, Eclectic Materials

Rather than a modern, minimalist look with geometric patterns, 2017 brings a more eclectic approach, with free form decks, re-purposed materials, winding paths, and casual seating. Look for materials like wood and stone rather than metal. More outdoor spaces mix different styles rather than sticking to one consistent look, so choose the features you like best and don’t worry about matching.

Focus on the Local Plants

Outdoor spaces have featured native plants for the past few years, but this trend will intensify in 2017.  Expect an even greater focus on native plants, local needs, and the requirements of the individual site. Outdoor designers will try to source even more materials locally and re-use materials on site whenever possible.

Outdoor Rooms

More people than ever before are bringing their lives and activities outdoors. Expect more covered spaces, pergolas, and gazebos that can transform into living rooms, kitchens, or even spaces for sleeping! Homeowners are also designing specialized spaces for yoga or lawn sports.  Look for increased use of fencing to create private nooks even on small lots in busy locations.

Fire and Water

Outdoor living spaces featuring fireplaces and fire pits continue to grow in popularity.  Homeowners are increasingly interested in adding water features like pools and waterfalls to their yards. Decks and cement patios surround these features, making them attractive gathering spaces for friends and family.

If you’re thinking ahead to 2017 and planning changes to your outdoor living spaces, contact us for your free, no obligation quote. We’d love to help you improve your home and get even more enjoyment from your yard.

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