Retaining Wall Construction, Dallas, TX

retaining wall construction
retaining wall construction
retaining wall construction
retaining wall construction

Accentuate Your Yard With A Retaining Wall

Cement Retaining Wall

Concrete retaining wall construction can offer a very beautiful design, and will be sure to add something special to your garden. You can use them for ideal protection, especially where the ground consists of heavy soil and is uneven – you can create a style of making the wall holding up a flower bed, which is a very popular design.

Benefits of Cement Retaining Wall:

  • Concrete retaining walls are strong, and will prevent soil erosion, soil hills and sink holes.
  • Prevent flooding.
  • Minimize maintenance on your garden.
  • Visually pleasing, especially with a flower bed running on the top.

If you have any uneven or unsightly areas in your garden, then a retaining wall could be your answer. They are easy on the budget to get installed by a professional; however, it is also possible to do it as a DIY (Do It Yourself) project.

We Provide Other Cement Contractor Services:

Stone Walls and Columns

Stone Walls and Columns can be a very artistic and romantic feature for your garden, as you can choose from a huge number of designs. Depending on your requirements, stone is a relatively cheap material to invest in, whilst offering its hard strength.

Benefits of Stone Walls and Columns:
  • Extremely visually pleasing, with sculpted and decorative finishing.
  • Stone is high in strength, and requires little to no maintenance.
  • Will provide extra support and foundations to your garden, which will also reduce gardening maintenance.

Stone columns and walls can display a nice historical touch to your garden, offering a Roman or Tudor theme – it will definitely bring out a new character to your grounds, and will be very inviting for all your family and friends to enjoy.

Cement Patios

Patios are slabs of stone or concrete that are firmly cemented to the ground, providing a firm ground and center point for you and your family, friends and guests. They are most commonly used for creating outdoor dining areas, sun loungers and any other outdoor garden furniture.

Benefits of Cement Patios:

  • Provide firm solid flooring to your garden, where you won’t get muddy and exposed to the natural uneven soil.
  • Patios protect all your garden furniture from the exposed elements.
  • Low cost for investment.
  • Suitable as a DIY project.
  • Add a Gazebo if you wish to shelter the area.

Patios are a very common and popular feature to gardens, which will not only provide solid ground, but it will also protect your home from soil build up. There is a lot of flexibility in designs and layouts, depending on the type of slabs you go for and the shape of the area you wish to cover.

Cement Driveways

Concrete driveways are a necessity to any home offering off road parking, or a garage – although there is a variety of materials available for such functions, concrete is the most common and popular choice for many. As it’s the same material used for roads and bridges, you know it’s strong enough to support heavy vehicles.

Benefits of Cement Driveways:

  • Provide extra space for your car, so you can park in your own property.
  • Concrete is built for supporting very heavy weight.
  • Concrete can offer flexibility in designs and shape.
  • Concrete is very low in cost to purchase.

If you have a driveway, then you can remove your worries about the exposure of street parking e.g. car burglaries, dents and kinks from other car drivers, or pedestrians causing vandalism. Concrete will not only provide you with this perk, but it will support and protect your car from the ground, as parking on dirt or soil will ruin your tires or make your car dirty very quickly.

Cement Walkways

There are many benefits to providing Walkways to your garden, not only for the range of design, but also deter guests and visitors from walking over and ruining your lawns.

Benefits of Cement Walkways:

  • Visual pleasantness to your landscape, a walkway fitting in with your garden theme, will really bring out its character.
  • Easy to install, however if you are inexperienced with concrete then it may be more ideal to hire a professional.
  • Protect your lawn, by offering access to all areas of your garden with a solid walkway.
  • On a rainy day, when your lawn will be wet and muddy, you will have dry and stable access to all of your garden.

Your garden will benefit hugely from having a concrete walkway, especially if you need to cross your garden in harsh climate, and you don’t have a pair of wellies to hand. They are also very flexible in design; you can set walkways that are straight, curves, circular etc. This feature will fit suitably into any garden design, enhancing the beauty of your back yard.