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Chain Link Fences

chain link fences
chain link fences
chain link fences
chain link fences

Chain Link Fence Installation in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Chain Link fencing, also called cyclone or hurricane fencing, is commonly used for enclosing tennis courts, playgrounds, schools and other commercial premises. It is made from intertwining steel wire, which forms a net pattern, and held up by solid steel posts. It is also popular for residential homeowners too.

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing:

  • Keep your home/commercial zone secure – you can choose height, and even add barb-wire on the top for effective deterrence.
  • Containment of children and pets – It is very safe, despite its rusty industrial appearance.
  • Chain Link Fencing is easy to remove – construction sites often use this fencing as temporary,barriers. The posts simply pull out of the ground, once you have detached the wire netting.
  • The steel material lasts for years, holding up to the outside elements.

If your highest priority is keeping your children or animals safely contained in your yard, then this would be the ideal fence for you – while it may not seem visually pleasing, it makes up for in very efficient home security. The best news is, if you change your mind on the fence at a later date, then it’s very easy to take down.