Custom Welding Services

custom welding services
custom welding services
custom welding services

Top-Quality Custom Welding Services & Fabrication Services

Ambassador Fence offers a wide variety of custom fabrication and on-the-spot welding repairs that will get you back in motion. Our certified welders are trained and insured to bring you quality workmanship that will last. Ambassador’s technicians are always up for taking on challenging projects that promise to put our skills to the test.

As a welding company serving the North Texas area for 15 years, we bring the local perspective to our customer service. From large to small, any size project is doable. We provide attention to detail where it counts in order to get the job done right.

Let us wow you with our wide range of custom fabrication; Ambassador Fence Co. offers everything from custom gates, hand railing, and fencing. We work with stainless steel, wrought iron steel, and aluminum. With the strength of steel and the beauty of hand-crafted welding, our finished product is built to last.


Although wrought iron is very strong, it is made from porous cast metal that can weaken over time. It can also become rusted and brittle due to age and harsh weather conditions. When you have a broken weld – whether it is a weld on a driveway gate, an operator, or a latch on your metal walk gate – it can be inconvenient and frustrating.

Ambassador Fence Co. provides metal fence and gate welding repairs on location. With our mobile and experienced welders, we are prepared to get you back up and running the very same day you call us!


Ambassador Fence Co. is proud to offer an impressive selection of both wrought iron swing and sliding driveway walkthrough gates. Our custom work includes flat top gates, picket top gates, pressed point gates, as well as the popular arched design.

Our fabricators are able to install both single and double panel gates, depending on your project area and preference. They can also design a custom letter or logo into your gate, creating a truly unique addition to your property. Whether you’re looking for a simple, elegant design or an extravagant attention getter, we can accommodate your style!

There are many options when it comes to the finish of your gate or fence. One popular option is custom welding which can provide many great benefits.

Benefits of Custom Welding Decorative Iron:

You can make your Gate/Fence unique; no two designs will be alike.

Add your own detailed designs; techniques like the Hammer and Forge are very attractive features.

Low-cost alternative, providing you with a very beautiful design.

It is a very popular option for many, especially if you want to add a personal touch to your own fence or gate.


Here at Ambassador Fence Co., we provide quality iron fencing, including flat top, extended point, and press point pickets. We also offer special puppy panels to ensure that your furry loved ones don’t leave your yard. Our design options are endless; we offer a wide selection of panel toppers, finials, and spears, as well as fence caps and post heights.

Wrought Iron has many advantages for your garden landscape.

Benefits of Custom Welding Wrought Iron:

Although the cost may be more to begin with, it can save you money in the long term on repairs and replacement – wrought iron is very durable and lasts forever.

It is very heavy – hazardous weather conditions will not knock it over.

Is very attractive with the many creative designs possible.

Since the material will last a lifetime, you can have 100% assurance that you won’t need to replace the feature in a few years, or the requirement for any maintenance.


From aluminum and metal to galvanized railing and guardrails, Ambassador Fence Co. can design and weld high-quality, durable handrail and guardrails for your specific project. If you are constructing a new building or redoing your current space, installing hand railing or guard railing is a must for protection and safety. We service both residential and commercial customers.

The next time you have a welding project that needs expert attention, call Ambassador Fence Co. Our company offers a comprehensive evaluation of your welding repair or custom fabrication needs.

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