Fences Tiny Home Communities

Tiny houses are a fast-growing trend in many places. Americans are finding that these small homes are more affordable and energy-efficient than traditional homes. That's why there are now more tiny house communities appearing in many areas. Choosing a tiny house in a community doesn't mean that you can't enjoy [...]

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Prepare Early and Limit Deck Snow Shoveling

Winterize Your Custom Deck While we've been enjoying a mild fall, winter looms just around the corner. Weather experts have confirmed La Niña will be affecting our weather, and while the South is expected to be warmer and drier than usual, it's still best to be prepared in case the [...]

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Automatic Security Gates for Curb Appeal, Privacy and Security

Automatic security gates provide a wide range of benefits. They don't only make your home more secure, they also give you privacy and add to your home's curb appeal. Let's look at why automatic security gates for curb appeal, privacy and security make sense. How Automatic Security Gates Increase Curb [...]

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