Driveway Gate Installation

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We Specialize In Driveway Gate Installation

Want to add lasting value to your property at an affordable price? Choose from a wide selection of gates including wooden driveway gates, metal driveway gates, chain link gates, sliding gates, and swing gates to bring visual interest and added safety to your home or business.

The “wow” factor of any security gate system is all about the design of the gate itself. Updating the fence and landscaping can tie everything together and add property value, security, and enhance curb appeal. Make a great first impression and provide secure entry into your home or business with our custom driveway gates.

Driveway Gate Installation Process

To get started we’ll need to understand the scope of work involved, review design ideas, and establish a budget.

During our free consultation appointment we will review your property and its characteristics. Is your property flat or on an incline? Do you require a swing gate or sliding gate design that is single- or dual-entry? Are you looking to add any pedestrian gates?

We will discuss your design ideas and what material would be best for your project: Iron, Steel, Wood, etc. Are you considering any other construction on the property such as enclosing your backyard or is the automatic gate an independent project? After these requirements are reviewed, we’ll take measurements of your property.

After the initial consultation is complete, a member from the Ambassador team will put together a written competitive proposal. We will then be available to answer any questions you may have and to review the overall project. If you are satisfied with our estimate, we will discuss a timeline for beginning and completing the work.

Wooden Driveway Gates, Automatic Wood Gates & Custom Wood Gates

Ambassador Fence & Gate offers elegant, custom wood gates in a wide range of styles. Our steel frame enforced wood driveway gates are hand crafted from Western Red Cedar for maximum durability and protection. Cedar is known for its longevity and is resistant to pests and rot. Cedar wooden driveway gates typically should be painted or stained about every 5-7 years.

Many homeowners in the Dallas area enclose their rear or side entry homes with a wooden driveway gate that blends and matches their fence for the ultimate home and vehicle security. Wood driveway gates are ideal if you’re seeking privacy and a warm, natural look.

The cost of a wood entry gate is often more expensive than the basic iron gate because they are essentially two in one- the steel frame, plus the wood. These wood gates do have a smaller variation in cost as compared to iron gates which, because of additional design choices, can get progressively more expensive.

Wrought Iron Gates

Our ornamental and decorative wrought iron gates include metal fence gates, iron gates, and metal security gates. They are specifically designed to our customer’s specific security requirements. Both functional and stylish, each iron fence gate design takes into consideration the surrounding environment and elements such as custom driveways and neighborhood entrance gates.

The open nature of iron gate designs are ideal if you are looking to showcase your property. Custom emblems such as a Texas star, Rosette, or Initial add beautiful designer touches to a home or business. The options are endless and can be added to any driveway or walkthrough gate. Unique designs are popular around ranches and come in handy to use as landmarks when giving directions to your property.

The cost of an iron gate will vary widely depending on size and design. Iron gates with simple designs are typically inexpensive while more ornate custom designs can be significantly higher.

Chain Link Fence Gates & Chain Link Rolling Gates

Our chain link sliding or rolling gates are a great solution for securing openings while decreasing the footprint of the gate for your home or business. The automatic driveway gate will slide parallel with the fence line using a track and wheel system. Chain link gates come in various heights and with barbed or razor ribbon added to the top for extra security and effective deterrence. The steel material requires little to no maintenance, lasts for years, and can hold up well to outside elements.

Driveway Gate Designs

  • Arched Gate
  • Bell Gate
  • Flat Top Gate
  • Sliding Gate
  • Swinging Gate*

*This includes automatic swing gates, single swing gates, and dual swing gates. We can also customize the direction of the swing on the gate.

Custom Fabrication/Emblems Available!

Cantilever Slide Gate

Attached to a concrete foundation, a cantilever gate glides on two support wheels for a reliable, smooth, and quiet operation. This type of gate is supported from one end as it opens and closes so there is no need for a track across the entrance. Cantilever gates can work on an angle, making it ideal for driveways with steep inclines.

Dumpster Gate

We know that the dumpster area is not the most glamorous part of your commercial property. However, with the right screening and security solution, you can keep your dumpster safe from animals and illegal dumping and seamlessly blend the area with your current landscaping. Our custom dumpster gate solutions are aesthetically pleasing and secure.

Pedestrian Walk Gate

Our side entry walk-through gates include ornamental and wood, arched and flat top designs with single and double gate options. These gates go well with brick, stone and wood and can be installed using existing fencing.

Choose Ambassador Fence Co. For Gate Installation

When it comes time to install a security gate, we hope you’ll choose Ambassador Fence & Gate. With decades of experience in providing custom installation and gate repair services in the Dallas area, the team at Ambassador will guide you through the entire process executing your design all the way to automating your security gate.