Automatic Gate Opener Installation

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automatic gate installation
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We Offer Expert Automatic Gate Opener Installation

Ambassador Fence Co. installs a wide variety of automatic openers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. During your free consultation, we’ll explore our selection of automatic driveway and sliding gate operators. Then we’ll custom design an electric fence that best suits your home or commercial property.

Why Have An Electric Gate?

Most people can relate to the convenience of having an electric garage door opener. An electric gate opener can provide convenience and added security to homes or businesses. It allows access control with the press of a button and without ever having to get out of your vehicle.

Operators are more complex than garage door openers. Improper automation can lead to long term quality and performance issues and necessitate future repairs. When deciding on which operator is best, it is important to consider:

  • The material used;
  • Overall topography;
  • And any unique aspects that offer limited automation options for your electric gate.

An important final step in automating your security gate is to identify the appropriate security devices. This includes:

  • Selecting the right transmitter for remote control devices to activate the motor;
  • Having Range extenders for long driveways;
  • Keeping Back-up batteries to ensure access to the system in case of a power outage;
  • And other considering motion-activated devices that allow for entering your property.

Gate Operators For Automatic Driveway Gates

Sliding Gate Operator

A slide gate will slide on wheels along a track to the right or left. A chain is attached across near the bottom and passes through the operator.

This type of opener can have potential pinch and entrapment hazards that require special attention. Ambassador Fence has years of experience with these large, heavy gates. We can ensure the right components and mounting hardware are used and that appropriate safety devices are added.

Depending on which one you select, our openers can operator gates with widths from 10 ft. to 55 ft. and those that weigh up to 3500 lbs. These offer higher security due to the stronger resistance needed to push them open as compared to a swing gate operator.

Another advantage to installing a sliding gate is that it requires less space. This allows for the full length of the driveway to be used for vehicles. They also have a higher speed of opening and closing.

Swing Gate Operator

Swing gate openers come in two basic styles: Linear and Articulated

Linear Swing Arm Operator

A linear swing arm operator has a box that sits off to the side and an arm extending to the gate. Either a mechanical or hydraulic arm is responsible for opening and closing the gate. Typically an electro-mechanical operator is used for single-family homes and a hydraulic style arm would be used on heavier and larger commercial gates.

The advantage to this style of operator is the lower cost, it’s easier to install, and it maintains a lower profile in terms of appearance. The downside is that it is less durable and operates at a slower speed.

Articulated Swing Arm Operator

An articulated swing arm is mounted on a pad and works best on heavier than normal entry points and high-use situations such as gated communities. The advantage to this operator is its durability. The downside is the higher price, it costs more to install, and it is less aesthetically pleasing.

The dual swing typically consists of two smaller gates that meet in the middle and then swing inward or outward, depending on the set up. Like the single swing gate operator, the dual swing openers will have a secondary arm that operates with the master arm.

Electric Gate Openers vs. Solar Gate Openers

Our secure automatic driveway gates include solar and electric options in a variety of styles.

Trying to power a gate that is far away from a power source? Consider a solar powered automatic gate opener. This is a great option that can prevent you from having to run electrical out to your gate.

Another thing to evaluate when deciding between electric and solar openers is how much power is needed to reliably open and close the gate. To answer this question, you must consider size and how it opens, as well as the amount of direct sun light around the area.

We Offer Gate Operator Installation Of These Trusted Brands:

LiftMaster, Viking, All-O-Matic, Elite, Apollo, US Automatic, Ramset and more.