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garden fence contractor

Elegant Wood Garden Fence Design

“When we couldn’t manage to keep our old wooden garden fence looking decent and up to the neighborhood’s required building standards anymore, we went online to Google and searched for fencing companies in the Dallas area. We were able to get several quotes for our fence upgrades fairly quick. The quotes I received were all in the same range as far as the cost is concerned and most said they could get to the job and have it done in a reasonable amount of time.

Our entire Google search came to an end when one of my friends in the neighborhood advised me to use the services offered by Ambassadors Fence Co. She had used them and was really happy with the work they did and the cost was decent.

The estimator, Phillip Mette, was very patient and friendly with me. I explained I had to gather approval from all my adjoining neighbors because of the building codes for our neighborhood. He said he understood and gave me his card to make it easy for me to get to him directly.

Philip and his crew showed up a day earlier than scheduled to start the job and I have to admit that I really appreciated that. They perfectly matched the existing fencing style that was already there and his team was able to remove and then add back sections of the fence. They also had to add on a whole long run of fencing in one area that was completely broken down. Work was completed in less than two days on the over 400 feet of fence and two new gates. Ambassadors Fence Co. was able to offer several different payment methods and that was also a plus.

I’d recommend Ambassadors Fence Co. to anyone in need of high quality, beautiful and long lasting wood garden fence.

Thanks a lot Phil and Your Crew!”


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