Chain Link Fencing

Our Chain Link Fences is made from intertwining, steel wire which forms a net pattern. It is held up by solid steel posts and can also be referred to as cyclone or hurricane fencing.

Chain link fencing is commonly used in The Colony, TX for enclosing tennis courts, playgrounds, schools, and other commercial premises. It is also popular as residential fencing for a variety of reasons. As with all other fencing options, it protects your property and keeps your family and pets safe. Ambassador Fence Co. offers quality products uniquely designed and custom built for you.

Benefits of a Chain Link Fence

When it comes to a general contractor for fencing, The Colony residents choose Ambassador. They also often select chain link fencing for its many advantages:

  • It’s affordable – Compared to a wood fence or wrought iron fencing, chain link costs less to install and maintain.
  • It’s simple to install – A chain link fence can easily be installed in a matter of days after the posts are set.
  • It’s low maintenance – Occasional cleaning, applying annual rust-protection, and keeping up with repairs are all that’s required for this durable material.
  • It provides visibility – These fences allow you to see who is approaching your property while keeping your children and pets safe inside.
  • It’s easy to repair – If damaged or in need of replacement, sections of chain link can be replaced easily with matching fencing material.

If you’re wanting to get a new fence installed or your existing fence replaced, you should carefully evaluate the benefits of this type of fencing.

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Chain Link Fence Company, The Colony

Need fencing for your commercial property in The Colony, TX? We highly recommend chain link as an option. This reinforced material provides a secure perimeter around your business to keep out unwelcome visitors. Not sure chain link fencing can do the job? Chain link panels can be as high as 20 feet! Add barbed wire to the top for increased protection.

Have a construction site in The Colony that you want to safeguard with a temporary barrier? Chain link fencing is the economical answer. Fence installation is fast and it’s also easy to remove. Once your project is complete, detach the wire netting, then simply pull the posts out of the ground.

Ambassador Fence Co. has been your local fence contractor for years and we’re not going anywhere! Our fences – wood fences, metal fences, vinyl fences, and more – look great AND they’re built to last. We do a good job, use only the highest quality materials, and our customer service is unmatched. If you ever have problems after we put up your fence, we’ll come out and fix it – hassle free!