Best Wood Fence Contractor in Allen, TX

Your Allen, Texas home is a place where your family and pets create memories. You go there to relax and get away from it all. What better way to ensure your family’s security than with a custom wood fence?

Pets and kids can enjoy their freedom in a fenced yard. You have peace of mind knowing that there is an extra level of protection from the uncertain world.

Fencing comes in all sizes, shapes, heights, materials, and styles. Ambassador Fence Co. experts have been installing and repairing fences and gates in Allen, TX neighborhoods for many years. Our customer service is unsurpassed, and we know what works for your fencing needs.

Why Install a Fence?

When you are thinking of installing a fence, you need to be clear on your reasons for the fence. That will determine whether a chain-link, wood fence, or wrought-iron fence is right for your needs.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing fence design, materials, and styles:

Selecting the Best Fence Material for Your Home

The Style of Your Home. Fences can add curb appeal and increase the value of your home, but only if done right.  The stain on a contemporary wood fence should match the trim on your home. A small white picket wood fence can look more appropriate with a modest home than a large brick mansion. A chain link fence might be selected to contain pets.

Your yard’s landscape will determine fence style and options as well.

Neighborhood Covenants. Fences must not only comply with state and city regulations, but they must also follow all neighborhood covenants. These rules are set up and agreed to by the residents who live there. Often this includes colors of paint, landscaping options, and fences.

If your area restricts fence size to 4 feet, looking at 6-foot styles is no use. We can help you research what is allowed in your Allen, TX neighborhood and provide options for conformity.

Pet Containment.

If your objective is to keep Fido safe and secure and he can leap tall things in a single bound, you will need to consider a taller fence. If Fido likes to plan his escape by digging, you’ll want a fence buried deeper in the ground. If Fido barks at every person walking down the sidewalk, perhaps a more private fence is in order.

Ambassador Fence Co. is familiar with all of these scenarios, and we can design a fence that keeps Fido safe.


Many people install fences to keep out neighbors’ prying eyes. A taller fence can give you peace of mind and room to let your guard down to relax. Boundaries between neighbors can also get a little foggy.

Having a fence installed on the current survey lines will clarify property disputes.


If you have an inground pool and toddlers, you might want a fence around the pool to protect from accidental falls into the water. This could also keep pets from taking dips as well.

If your kids like to play in the yard, they are safer when they keep inside a fenced area.

A fence around your garden keeps animals out, and a fence around your yard keeps everyone out.

Fence Upgrades and Maintenance

If you already have a fence, but it isn’t quite working for you, discuss your concerns with an Ambassador Fence Co. expert. We can:

· Discuss upgrade options. If you need more privacy in one area, the new fence could be integrated with the old style.

· If your fence looks worn, we can repair or restore your current fence to its original grandeur – this could involve replacing posts or sections of chain or cleaning, sanding, and adding a coat of stain or sealant.

· If you want to add or upgrade a gate, we can incorporate manual or automatic gates into your current design.

Custom Fencing Services in Allen, TX

At Ambassador Fence Co., we appreciate the opportunity to work with each and every customer. We have been building and repairing fences in the city of Allen, TX, and surrounding areas for many years. We are happy to provide references from your neighbors.

In addition to custom fencing, we also install driveway gates, provide automatic gate repair, and construct custom decks, patios and retaining walls. From a free estimate to the permit process to delivery of materials and project completion, we are there every step of the way.

Looking for a reliable Allen fence contractor? Call Ambassador Fence Co. to discuss your fencing needs.