Deck Projects

The Ambassadors Fence Team arrived at our house exactly the time we had agreed upon. The six person team introduced themselves one by one. Philip the ‘team lead’ had a written document in hand which described what was to be done on that particular day which had been previously agreed upon.

I was very fascinated by the professional style in which they all steered the project and got their jobs done without getting in each other’s way. They exhibited teamwork and proficiency in their work. In every step of the assignment, they would simply communicate to each other about their tasks. Environmentally safe products were utilized in the process of sealing the deck wood and I was surprised at how low the odor of the sealer was, there was absolutely no trace of chemical smells within a very short time. I cannot wait to use Ambassadors Fence again in the future!!! I would highly endorse them!

I was quite excited with the services of Ambassadors Fence and how they the dealt with the whole cleaning process around our home after the deck was complete!! Their team made sure every trace of the carpentry debris was removed and during construction they had been very careful of the plants in the area. It is so nice to at last have everything back in its normal place!

I found the owner of Ambassadors Fence and all his teams to be very professional, meticulous, and comprehensive, with a strong obligation to provide quality customer service. Their specialized tools and materials were top-notch and everything went smoothly and according to plan. I am definitely ready to refer Ambassadors Fence to anyone else I meet that needs the services you offer. I am plan to use the services of “Ambassadors Fence” company again next year for another project around our home.

You are such a brilliant company, excellent in its performance.  We will surely recommend you whenever we get a chance. It was such a great joy to work with you.

…..Lydia J Jones

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