Electric Gate Annual Maintenance

You go to the gym regularly to maintain your health. You make sure your kids see the dentist at least once per year to maintain healthy teeth. You even take your pet for regular grooming and checkups to maintain her appearance and health. Why would you ignore the large investment [...]

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Front Yard Garden Fences

Edible front yard gardens are growing in popularity and curb appeal as homeowners look to sustainable living and use of space that is both productive and beautiful. An edible garden surrounded by the right decorative fence can transform a front yard into an oasis of organic, fresh-picked produce. What to [...]

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Dallas Fence Prices and Considerations

What should you consider for Dallas Fence Pricing? Maybe you want a fence to make yourself a good neighbor. Or you'd like privacy. Or to keep your children or your dog on your own property. Or other people's children and dogs out of your yard. Or you just want to [...]

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Dallas Fence Regulations

Fencing is a necessary part of your home that provides multiple functions. It protects your house as well as adds beauty and value to it. Fences are able to set the boundaries of your property in an effective manner and ensure that people can understand where it begins and ends. Before [...]

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