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Timber decks has become a very popular alternative, to patios and concrete terraces – and has become a very common feature in landscaping and gardening. The timber offers a lot of flexibility for its design, and once varnished it can look very natural and visually pleasing.

The benefits of using decks:

  • The wood blends in well with natural landscape, especially when surrounded by trees, plants, or even a water feature.
  • Buying quantities of timber is a low investment, so no restrictions on size and ambition for your gardening project.
  • Massive choice in color and style, as wood can be painted over (ensure that the wood is treated)

You can see why this is a popular choice in garden features, especially when you see decking used over and over on landscaping programs – it is an inexpensive investment too, in comparison to cement patio’s, so those of you who don’t have a big budget, can still create their personal outdoor area for dining and relaxation with the family on a nice summery evening.

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Arbors, also known as arches, are a very attractive feature for your garden; they offer a variety of designs and patterns, which will have the purpose of making your garden very inviting and visually pleasing to your guests.

They can be placed in the corner of your garden, with a bench underneath, or to the entrance of your garden for people to walk through – although landscape designers have used this feature for a wide variety of purposes, only your imagination is the limit.

Benefits of Arbors:

  • Will add plenty of character and picturesque qualities to your garden.
  • Can be made from a wide variety of materials.
  • Add climber plants to climb up it, for an attractive natural effect.
  • Depending on material, it can be a very low investment.

You won’t regret adding this feature to your garden, as it will be a very pleasant area to relax and take in its beauty.

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Pergolas are similar to Gazibos, where they provide a form of outdoor shelter to relax in, however Pergolas consist of using cross cross-rafters – a design similar to Arbors but are much larger in size.

The structure will create a visually pleasing feature to your garden, which will definitely be inviting for your guests to come in and sit down.

Benefits of Pergolas:

  • Very attractive piece for your garden – blend the beams into its natural surroundings by planting climbers and other various plants to grow up it.
  • It will protect your garden furniture from the exposed elements of your garden.
  • Easy to install, Pergola kits are available if you wish to put yourself.
  • The gaps left by the beams, means it will allow you to customize how much sun you want to allow in.

Pergolas are a very popular garden feature, especially for creating a center point for you to sit and relax in your garden with a glass of wine. It is great in value for the materials, and it is simple to set up.

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