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Slide Gates

Residential Slide Gates are an ideal choice for entrance to your garden, particularly if your property entrance doesn’t offer the space for a swing gate to open, or if the ground is uneven and doesn’t offer leverage for a swing gate to open.

Benefits of Slide Gates:

  • Slide Gates are very beneficial to entrances with restrictive space.
  • Offers property better security.
  • Unlike swing gates, there’s no danger of them swinging open.
  • Easy to install, most Slide Gate installations come with a kit.

A slide gate will be sure to provide your property with security at your home entrance, they are easy to install (however, you may want to hire a professional if you lack experience in DIY), and are harder to open – beneficial if you have kids or pets in the garden!

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Swing Gates

Residential Swing Gates are the most popular and common in North American homes, mainly because it’s the norm of expectations for a garden gate to swing open, or through the huge variety of designs that are available.

Benefits of Swing Gates:

  • Choose from a huge number of Swing Gate designs.
  • Practically silent when open or close (unlike Slide Gates).
  • Low investment costs, depending on your materials and design.
  • Adds great character to your home entrance.
  • Secure your home entrance.

Swing Gates can be made from local timber, or a strengthened metal, which can offer you lots of choice for your preferred design. For extra security, you can attach a lock, if you need to prevent children or animals escaping.

A Swing Gate will offer a very visually pleasing and inviting sense to your guests, when come to visit.

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Slide Gate

A Slide Gate is a very secure feature for your business premises, with the latest innovations offering electric automation and a voice intercom. It will greatly offer enormous benefits to your commercial property, plus they can be a low-cost installation.

Benefits of a Slide Gate:

  • CCTV system will deter trespassers.
  • The most modern of Slide Gates will offer hi-tech security.
  • Each Sliding Gate system will vary, but are low cost for installation.
  • Very easy to maintain

There are loads of benefits for providing extra tight security to your premises, and it definitely far outweighs the costs of installation; they come in various designs and shapes, so they should provide a visually pleasing theme to your surroundings – whilst offering huge deterrence from intruders.

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modern exterior of an industrial building, surrounded by a fence with iron gate

Swing Gate

Commercial Swing Gates are ideal for protecting your premises, whilst also offering variance and beauty in design. Traditional gates are always expected to swing, which makes much less noise than a sliding gate, and there’s a lot more flexibility for a customized design.

Benefits of Swing Gates:

  • Designs are more widely flexible, allowing room for more creativity, or extra features for intruder deterrence like spikes.
  • Low in cost to install.
  • Iron is very visually pleasing, when it’s welded into spirals and shapes.
  • Extra security to your property’s entrance.

More modern Swing Gates can offer electronic automation, CCTV and a voice intercom, which will offer extra security for your business. Adding spikes on top, or patterns leaving small gaps, will be a great deterrence from preventing anyone trying to get in.

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Automatic Gate Installation/Repair

Has your Gate stopped operating? Or you need a new gate system installed? If you don’t have much experienced in advanced DIY, then the project will be a lot more stress-free if you hire a Gate Operator Installation or repair professional.

The benefits of a Gate Operator Installation/Repair Professional:

  • At first it may seem you can save money on doing the project yourself, however if you go wrong, or don’t do it correctly – then your cost on materials will drastically get higher (and may even hire a pro in the end anyway to correct it).
  • A Gate Operator Installation/Repair Professional will always ensure your gate is running fully functional as it should be.
  • They can offer further advice on gate maintenance.
  • They can advise you on how to achieve your desired gate design.

By hiring a professional to come in and do the work, it will guarantee a safe maintenance on your gate; saving you money in the long term on repairs.

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Automatic Gate Repair

If your Gate is in need of repair, from the weather taking its toll, or the intercom’s not working, then your best decision would be to hire a Gate Repair mechanic. You can get it corrected by a professional, as well as advice on further maintenance.

The benefits of hiring a Gate Repair mechanic:

  • Save money, by getting expert opinion on future upkeep of your gate.
  • No stress about trying to repair it yourself, with no confidence if it’s been done correctly (especially if electronics are involved).
  • Your gate will be fully functioning and good working order.
  • Prevent your home security from declining in quality.

If a potential intruder sees a weakness in your gate security, then they may be more tempted to try and enter your home/commercial premises. Keep on top of your gate, and hire a Gate Repair mechanic to come and fix it.

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